Yeah! But Balkan…

International Band (Slovakia, France, Sweden, Austria), very serious musicians, but… Balkan!

Too be expected – many Romanian notes with swingy rhyhthms, groovy Serbian ‘poum-chak’, odd beats in Bulgarian tempo and more!


Sprinkle Blizzard

Sprinkle Blizzard is a spontaneous and original balfolk music band, born out of their love for music, straight from dance halls of Europe. Sprinkle music is dancable music: traditional melodies and own compositions. Their repertoire consists of French mazurkas, waltzes, scottisches, bourees, chappeloises, polkas, cercles Circassiens, Scandinavian polskas and Breton an dros, to name a few! It is a genuine and spontaneous mixture of foot-tapping energy, improvisation, honest intimacy, sparkling humour, minimalism and richness of sound that bravely combine the old with the new, the earthly with the spiritual.


Too Bett Violins

AT “Too Bett Violins” ist ein Duo, das während des Coronita Lockdowns im Frühjahr 2020 entstand. Die beiden Geigerinnen vermischen ihre Einflüsse aus Studien in Klassik und Jazz mit ihren Kenntnissen im Bereich der Folk und Weltmusik und kreieren so einen ungewöhnlichen Klang mit knusprigen Arrangements, in denen die Geige nicht nur eine Geige, sondern auch eine Gitarre, Percussion, ein Klavier oder ein Bass sein kann…

EN “Too Bett Violins” is a duo that formed in spring 2020 during Coronita Lockdown. Merging their studies and influences from classical and jazz together with their knowlegde of folk and worldmusic they create an unusual sound with crispy arrangements where the violin is not only a violin, but also a guitar, percussion, a piano, a bass,….

Orkester Jovana Povića (Unapredimo kulturu) – Balkan music and more

AT Das “Orkester Jovana Povića” ist ein vom Serbischen Akordeonisten Jovan Pović ins Leben gerufenes Ensemble in Wien, dessen Mitglieder hauptsächlich aus dem Balkan, aber auch aus Wien, Mexiko oder sonst wo stammen. Das Repertoire des Ensembles ist tief in den Traditionen Serbiens, Bulgariens, Rumäniens und Mazedoniens verwurzelt, umfasst aber auch eine Reihe ausgewählter Hits, die es mit Leichtigkeit und Humor vorträgt. Das “Orkestar Jovana Povića” tritt sowohl bei privaten Feiern als auch auf öffentlichen Bühnen in und um Wien auf.

EN The “Orkester Jovana Povića” is a Vienna based Ensemble that has been founded by Serbian accordion player Jovan Pović. Its members origin mostly from the Balkans, but also from Vienna and sometimes Mexiko. The repertoire is deeply rooted in the traditions of Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania and Macedonia, but also contains selected hits, which are performed with joy and ease. The “Orkester Jovana Povića” performs at private events as well as on public stages in and around Vienna.

The Austrian

AT Angelika verliebte sich in die Musik ihrer eigenen Heimat als sie sich auf dem Mazurki Festival in Warschau ihren Freunden lauschte und sich bei dem Gedanken “Das ist so schön, wie praktisch, dass es das in meiner Heimatstadt gibt!” erwischte. Seither spielt sie regelmäßig Österreichische Traditionelle Musik in Formationen wie “De Ugrådn”, “Die Schnofler” und zahlreichen weiteren. Zu ihren musikalischen Partnern und Quellen der Inspiration zählen unter anderem Hermann Fritz, Simon Wascher und die “Tanzhausgeiger“.

EN Angelika fell in love with the music of her own home country when listening to her friends playing at Mazurki Festival in Warsaw, thinking “This is so beautiful,and it’s so practical it’s happening in my homecity!”. She has been frequently playing Austrian folk music since, forming bands and setups, playing for dancing, at private events as well as at public concerts . Musical partners and inspriation include Hermann Fritz, Simon Wascher, “Tanzhausgeiger“, and many more. She plays with “De Ugrådn”, “Die Schnofler” and with various other musicians on countless occasions.

The sweed austrian

AT Angelika entdeckte ihre Leidenschaft für die Welt der Traditionellen und Modernen Folkmusik Schwedens als sie ein ganzes Album anhörte, ohne zu verstehen wo die Takte beginnen oder enden. Fasziniert von diesem Rätsel, berührt von den verschnörkselten, manchmal melancholischen Melodien und mit einer starken Afiinität zu den Büchern Astrid Lidgrens seit der frühen Kindheit begab sie sich auf ein Abenteuer, auf dem sie nicht nur neue Freunde gewann, sondern das sie auch auf zahlreichen Reisen nach Schweden führte, wo sie die Schwedischen Tänze, die Schwedische Musik und die Schwedische Sprache lernte. Sie lernte außerdem gröbere Mengen Filterkaffee und Süßigkeiten zu schätzen, es “lagom” anzugehen und “ja” zu sagen, indem sie einatmet. (Neues Video demnächst!)

EN Angelika discovered her passion for the world of Swedish traditional and modern folk music after listening to an entire album without understand where the bars began or ended. Fascinated by the riddle, touched by the twirling, sometimes melancholic melodies and with a strong attraction since early childhood to the books of Astrid Lindgren she started an adventure with brought her not only new friends, but also took her to Sweden numerous times. Along her journeys she learned the traditional dances and captivating melodies of Sweden, as well as picking up the Swedish language. She also enjoyed her fair share of filter coffee and sweets and learned to take it “lagom” and say “yes” by beathing in. (New video coming up soon!)

Occasional Projects

a’Quard Quartet

“a’Quard Quartet” is an international band, covering Europe with the origins of its members and many guests. Of course, the band’s music is gathered from all over the place – even though the Balkans and its surroundings are an a’Quard gold mine.

Too be expected – many Romanian notes with swingy rhythms, groovy Serbian ‘poum-chak’, odd beats in Bulgarian tempo, beauty of Slovak songs, finesse of Hungarian czardas and melancholia of Greek trad. But, why wouldn’t they throw in Bolivian charango-tunes, Austrian yodel, French waltzes and Swedish horribly dark stories sometimes?

Hudler und Schwarz

Hudler und Schwarz, Brno (Czech Republic), December 2017

“Hudler und Schwarz” is a duo that formed in the library of the Musicology Institute of the University of Vienna in 2016. The two musicians both emerged from the dust of classical music and try to bring old hits of old times onto nowadays’ dance floors. They are known to have made people dance to Beethoven, Schubert, Grieg, Chopin, Brahms and Martin Luther. Combined with their knowledge of traditional French, Belgium, Swedish and Celtic music and with a touch of Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland they dive into completely unknown waters.


Die Schnofler

“Die Schnofler” is a trio based in Vienna that specializes in the music of Vienna and surroundings. The famous “Wiener Lied” is also strongly connected to the Kontragitarre (counter guitar), a traditional Viennese guitar with two necks. Their repertoire includes Jodeling, gentle melodies but also fast dances and silly songs thus showing the variety of a local style, pending between tradition and innovation. “Die Schnofler” play at weddings, birthdays and the like, but can also entertain a dance floor or enchant a listening audience.


de ugrådn

De Ugrådn, Vienna, March 2016

“De Ugrådn” is a trio that formed during Alpenklangrausch 2016. They play mainly traditional Austrian dance music and their groove will put everyone on their feet. They share a fascination for uneven beats and unusual meters. Hermann Fritz has been a researcher and musicologist for decades and can be considered an expert in the field of Austrian Traditional music, specializing in dances such as Landler, Steyrer and Schleunige, as well as traditional forms of singing like Jodler, Dudler, Ludler and Jodlerlied.