Sprinkle Blizzard


Sprinkle Blizzard is a Folk and Balfolk Band that formed in December 2017 in Brno, Czeck Republic. They regularly play for dancing, but also easily charm their audience at concerts. Being an international band of five musicians living in three different countries they’re vividly exchanging repertoire and ideas online, but when they meet the actual magic happens. The band consists of accordion, irish bouzouki, violin, nyckelharpa and flute(s) and has so far performed in Belgium, Poland and China.


Eulalie Hupin


Eulalie Hupin is an accordion player, pedagogue and dancer from Antwerpen, Belgium. She has dived deeply into the traditional music from France and Belgium. Her wide knowledge of styles and her abilities on the dance floor enable her to understands and feel the music she is playing on more than one level. She is the traditional spine of Sprinkle Blizzard. Eulalie has toured across Europe and beyond and played in numerous constellations.

Olena Yeremenko


Olena Yeremenko (олена єременко) is a violin and nyckelharpa player from Ukraine, living in Warsaw, Poland. She studied classical violin at the Mykola Lysenko Lviv National Music Academy in Lviv. During her time at Malungs Folkhögskola in Sweden the dived into the rich world of Swedish traditional music and dance. She’s also an expert in the field of Early Music both on violin and on nyckelharpa.

Jakub Szczygieł


Jakub Szczygieł is a flute and whistler player and builder from Wąbrzeźno, Poland. He currently plays flutes and whistles in a couple of bands: Sprinkle Blizzard (bal folk) and Beltaine (celtic fusion), Balsam (bal folk) and Balonique (bal folk) with more side-projects of different genres always on their way. A Master of Arts in English Translation, he is often to be seen playing Irish traditional sessions, Fest-Noz and Balfolk dance music (he is a dancer too). He is fond of travelling, especially mountain hiking, from which he draws inspiration.

Jan Gałczewski

Jan Gałczewski is a musician and architect from Kraków, Poland. In Sprinkle Blizzard he plays the Irish Bouzouki but he’s comfortable on many instruments like the bagpipes, flutes, guitar and more. He plays in Bands such as Beltaine, Duo G2 and Ariadne’s Thread.

Angelika Hudler

Angelika was playing (Bal) folk music already since years, performing occasionally with half-spontaneous constellations when she finally ended up with her own (Bal) folk band. She was immediately fond of the unique combination of instruments and characters, of styles, dances and sounds, but most of all the enthusiasm of her fellow musicians.

with Sprinkle Blizzard, Etnokrakow Rozstaje, Krakow (Poland) July 2018